Visual Evoked Potential Study

Visual Evoked Potential Study

A visual evoked potential (VEP) or visual evoked response (VER) test examines the abnormality in the optical path from eyes to brain’s occipital lobe. It is used to see whether there is any damage to this pathway, which may be causing specific visual problems. The VEP should take around 30 minutes to complete.


The VEP should take around 30 minutes to complete. To begin, the technician will measure the patient’s head and mark the electrode locations using a non-toxic, washable marker. These regions will subsequently be exfoliated using an exfoliating cream. A conductive lotion and cotton balls will be used to apply four electrodes.

The patient’s vision will next be tested by the doctor. If you use corrective glasses, bring them to the exam and wear them. The lights will then be turned out, and the patient will be instructed to concentrate on a dot in the centre of a black and white checkerboard screen. The checkers will move back and forth, and the patient must maintain concentration on the dot in the middle for the greatest results. Each eye will be examined several times. The test is finished when the results are properly saved and printed. An expert will evaluate the test findings, and the final report will be submitted to the physician.

When should the VEP be used?

When you are experiencing changes in your eyesight that may be caused by abnormalities along the routes of specific nerves, your doctor may advise you to get a VEP test if you have:


  • Loss of eyesight (this may be painful or not);
  • Duplicate vision;
  • Vision impairment;
  • Flashing lights;
  • Changes in colour vision; or
  • Weakness in one’s eyes, arms, or legs.

How should I prepare for the VEP exam?

Your face and hair should be clean and dry, with no gels, sprays, oils, makeup, or lotion on them.

What are the Side effects associated with the VEP test?

VEP test has no side effects.

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